dealsnice - maple bacon jerky - 2 for $7.00


The ingredients as listed do not show any meat!


Water , Sugar , Salt , Smoke Flavor , Maple Flavor , Sodium Phosphate , Sodium Erythorbate , Sodium Nitrate

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size : 1 oz
Serving per Container : 3
Amount Per Serving % Daily value*
Total Fat6g 9
Saturated Fat2g 10
Cholesterol30mg 10
Sodium530mg 22
Total Carbohydrate4g 1


@jgabele: Making meat out of water and smoke? More delicious than maple bacon jerky, it's magic maple bacon jerky!


None of the ingredients indicated are capable of generating a solid substance that in any way, shape, or form generates the appearance of meat, so I suspect that it MUST be meat simply because it is labeled with the term bacon, and I highly doubt that any vegans should be eating this.


@gildorthemad: It must be "Mystery Meat" as obtained from a school cafeteria or an Army mess hall.


@jgabele: If you look at their regular bacon jerky, this is a "Cured with: " in front of the non-meat ingredients listed. I think they may have forgotten that on this product page.


It says Bacon jerky is also available so this can't be Bacon it must be some kind of flavored bacon like product.


the regular Nice! bacon jerky isn't all that good, IMO.. and this is essentially the same with maple artificial flavorings.. it's thickly cut, which is good.. but has too much fat, which is quite soft/spongy.. something i dislike.. but, 2 for $7 isn't a bad deal.. O'berto bacon jerky is 2.99 at Walmart, and i prefer it due to the fat not being spongy..


@squatchy: Can we get a chorus of "Smoke on the Water"?


@newtlink: I would worry more about the nitrates in this product than the flavor, which isn't listed as artificial.


Man, I hope this is still on sale when I make it down by the closest walgreen in my area!