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This does not include the splash guard, but is definately a good purchase. It's a little shorter than the Pro model, so if limited height from counter top to cabinet's, this may be a better option. Ordered this through Kohls last month, got the $179, got $60 dollars in Kohls cash back, plus $20 dollar mail in rebate = Hella good deal.


Dead... But, I went to my local Kohls where they had about a gazillion priced at $199. I just told the nice girls in the customer service department that I saw it online for $179 and about the coupon code. They matched the price and gave me the additional 20% off without batting an eye. Walked out with brand new one in hand for $154.35 including tax, and extra receipt with rebate information printed and ready to submit for my extra 20 bones... and no $3.25 shipping surcharge!

Bout to commence to some serious bakin'


Way to go!!...thats called saving bones


@boohiney: Thank you! You really have no idea how much your post helped me eke this in for my wife and 7 year old daughter's Christmas. They love to bake together and have been longing for one for a while now, but I had really talked them down... maybe next year... maybe birthday. Can't wait to see their reaction on Christmas morning :)


So very upset that they cancelled my order for one of these.
Here is a portion of the email they sent:
"We're sorry, but we have cancelled your recent order for the following reason(s):

System Cancellation"

(raised eyebrow, tilted chin)
I will have to try going into the store to pick one up for my step-momma. :(