deals2 years of bark magazine subscription for $13.00…


I love this magazine, had a subscription for years when I was a proud dog owner (RIP my loving husky mix).


@lmensor: Me, too. We have a Shiba. Sorry to hear about the loss of the Husky, when the time is right, find another one to love at the shelters!


@lll0228: Thanks :) He was great, couldn't have asked for a better dog, we adopted him when he was a little older, they estimated 8yrs old, we gave him 5 good years of a loving home. One day there will be pitter patters around here again!

My neighbor had 2 Shiba's, they were siblings, still has one, the other they had to let go last year, he had cancer. They are great dogs too, and beautiful!


@lmensor: Yes, than you. Gorgeous pup indeed. But she's a total handful, and we have bite marks to prove it. :)