dealsbottle opener ring for $0.89 + free shipping


Ships from Hong Kong.... wonder how long that takes.
Would be great for picnics or camping though


Reviews point out that there is no size option, and buyers say it's an extra large ring (two people had them sized and report the size as 14 and 15).

Shipping can be up to two months but most buyers seem to have gotten it within a couple of weeks.

Apparently they are made of regular steel, since there is one report of it coloring the skin where worn, and another of having it "rust very quickly."

Still, the majority of reviewers were happy with the item for the price they paid. Even if it takes a couple months to get here, this seems like a worthwhile and inexpensive stocking stuffer.


Definitely worth the price at that cheap--but literally any ring works to open bottles.


I use my teeth to open bottles..........but I only have enough teeth left to open three more bottles!!


I have one of these, actually...

It pinches my skin when I try to open a bottle with it... more novelty than practical, I'd say.

Maybe if you had tough hands... like a brick layer or something.


why would i pay 89 cents on amazon when i can buy this for 15 dollars on thinkgeek?


I have one and love it. It's a little too big for my finger, but it's great at parties. It's a great icebreaker. Pick a spot by the cooler...hide the bottle opener...and wait! You will become the popular guy at the party in no time. I have girls coming up to me all night asking me to open their beer. Well worth $0.89!


@blt65toth: If only someone would invent a panty opener!


I have a theory that China is selling these SO cheap so that we ALL buy them...get drunk...and then they invade. You heard it here first!


@beet111: Except Thinkgeek doesn't sell these at any price, troll.


i've owned two of these. they work well, but fitment is everything. if the ring is too loose, the band puts a lot of pressure on the top of your finger and it hurts. google the Ring Thing to find measurement instructions.


@zollars23: They don't sell it anymore, that is.


As was mentioned, these are very impractical and will pinch/hurt your finger, even if you have large fingers, they will most likely still be loose on your thumb, and will still pinch it. Think about the mechanics behind it, your finger is a lever, the ring is a (loose) fulcrum, is applying pressure to bend your finger ever comfortable? This thing might look cool and funny and all, but that is the extent of its usefulness.


If you're too drunk to find the bottle opener I suspect you'd be too drunk to remember you were wearing one of these.


I love the looks of love and admiration I get from a helpless alcoholic as I open their beer with nothing but what I am wearing on my hand.


i have one of these and i love it. yeah it's not super comfortable to open bottles as in the directions, but if you take it off and use it in a different way it doesn't hurt. it's surprisingly useful and far more sanitary than those nasty flip flops with the bottle opener in the sole.


Cool idea. And cheap price.

But anybody sophisticated enough to drink a decent deer that requires a bottle opener is smart enough to own a bottle opener. :-)


@blt65toth: Thats more sad than anything really.

Do you also hide the toilet paper and keep a spare in your car?


You can open bottles with any normal ring


I just have one of these on my keychain, which I got for free at a tasting. Works great.


@skipjack2001: I happen to be a brick-layer with extra large fingers, so I'm pretty stoked, as I have wanted one of these for a while. Thanks! I'm buying now.


This could really come in handy!


@sulcath: im not a brick layer, and it works fine for me. i don't have particularly large hands. Maybe you just can't be a scrawny hipster?


I lay a lot of pipe. I think I'll get two.


Actually only 50 cents now.......just ordered one