dealszmodo zh-ixa15-wc 720p wireless indoor network ip…


This is actually a pretty excellent price for 720p cameras. Some people aren't going to like that they don't allow you to connect directly via IP with a browser (well you can, but it's IE based and really just an application). This is actually a relatively new product from what I understand and I'm guessing is some kind of promotional pricing? not sure. It wouldn't be the first time newly launched products showed up on woot. In for 3!


can this be used as a hidden camera?


Is an application that comes with this product or available through another source that will allow you to record the video from this camera on a computer connected to the same network?

We're having minor "security" issues at work, people moving stuff, laptop computers disappearing for a week and then showing up on the floor in the middle of a hall. We have CCTV cameras, but the cameras are in fixed locations, primarily to record people entering and exiting the building, and are costly to relocate. The stuff being taken is easily concealed in purses and lunch boxes or it never leaves the building, so the CCTV cameras aren't very useful in this situation.

We are looking for inexpensive network attached cameras we can relocate as needed to try to catch the person or person(s) responsible for these shenanigans.

If you can only record to the SD memory card the camera isn't going to do us much good if the memory card or camera itself gets snatched.