dealstargus apm035us laptop charger with smartphone…


Interesting deal. We had what I believe was a predecessor but equivalent model. (Same list and sale price @ Staples a couple Black Fridays ago.)

We used it to replace a failed HP power brick. It lasted about 8 months.

Note while it claims compatibility with Apple i-devices, I believe you need to bring your own i-cable/connector.

Oh, and hopefully you're handy with a sewing machine so you can make your own bag to keep from losing all the bits & pieces! Seems like a hundred dollar (list) device could include a $1 bag.


I bought one of these a while back for travel, and gets used 3-4 days per week. The cord lets me charge both my Dell laptop and my Nexus 4 at the same time from one plug. It's compatible with my Nexus 7, but not my Asus TF300 - not the right power for that even when I use an Asus cable. The included backup battery is nice for the phone.

When it's time to go I just grab my laptop and go. If you're on the road and this set is compatible with your stuff, I'd recommend this.


Seems like an awkward design with the extra dongle between the power brick and the laptop. It would make more sense to just have a USB plug built into the power brick.

Decent price, though.