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I kid you not, I just bought one of these about...hmm 13 or 14 hours ago! Much better price here! And it works marvelously! Just make sure you follow the instructions and use only preboiled or distilled water...I think spring water might work too....not sure. Anyway, follow their instructions and it works soooooo well. It isn't as "icky" to use as I thought it might be.


My wife prefers this bottle rinse to a neti-pot for rinsing. Have ordered a lot of items from, especially hard to find items, and have been very pleased with their quick delivery. Prices are usually around the same price, but the site provides a discount off future purchases, depending on the amount you have purchased.


After battling a sinus infection/woodsmoke irritation I tried this on a recommendation from the Costco pharmacist. Worked immediately with long-lasting benefits and extremely cost-effective. And no chemicals up the nose, at least not the bad ones.........

CAUTION!! ALWAYS USE DISTILLED OR PRE-BOILED WATER. There was just a case of a woman who died from a brain virus caused by microorganisms in her Neti pot due to untreated water. Sinuses/tissue are connected to your brain cavity and can carry bacteria & viruses.

The Costco pack has 250 doses and is around $10 or so.........


In for 8! Even with shipping, it's < $2.50 a bottle.

I've paid > $10 at CVS for one!