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This game tends to get hit or miss reviews but I think it's due to personal preference. I for one love point and click adventures (i.e. Monkey Island, etc), and this game is made by Telltale games, who also made the newest Monkey Island episodes, as well as the Back to the Future point and click series. The stories in this Walking Dead game are pretty interesting, plus whatever choices you make carry on in later chapters. It's $15, for 3 chapters so far, and since it's on steam, I'm guessing you will get chapters 4 and 5 for free as well when they release. I got this in a $50 bundle when it was just chapters 1 and 2, and 3 automatically downloaded free when it was released.


I've played the first couple episodes and enjoyed the story. Worth the fifteen dollars for all five episodes.


In for 1. The summer sale had this at $9.99 and I regretted not pulling the trigger. This is the second best deal I've seen for it. FYI, it comes to $16.41 with tax.


The point and click elements are much less onerous than classics from the genre; it's really about making choices and playing the story.

And it's a heck of a story.


Playing through episodes one to three is at least seven hours of game time, with two more episodes to go it is well worth the money.


@alpha064: I guess if you judge by game time alone. So for this much, you wouldnt even get an hour of play per dollar. Sounds about right to me...videogames suck so bad these days..


Purchased, thanks for the heads up, I love telltale episodic games


15 bucks is a great deal for the Season Pass. I have the first two on my PS3 and have played just the first, but it's fun. Very immersive for a point-and-click. I like how little choices seem to affect the rest of the game: things like "[character] will remember you supported him" or having to choose to save one person over another. Really interested to see how those decisions will affect the other episodes.


@thedogma: How exactly do those season passes work? Is it owning a game for a limited time? Just curious, since I saw a "season pass" for borderlands 2 the other day. I thought it was possibly a pay to play game so it's only a few months of membership.


@myspaceisacult: The way it works is you buy the pass and that gives you all the content currently available. So in this case, the first two (maybe three?) episodes. As the next episode becomes available, you're able to download it without paying anything additional.

For Borderlands, I'd guess the season pass entitles you to the DLC as it's released.

EDIT: I dont think Borderlands is a pay-to-play game. I know for a fact the first one wasnt, and I haven't heard them planning that sort of thing for the sequel


@thedogma: The season pass is for the next 5 DLCs


@xarous: referring to Borderlands or Walking Dead?


@xarous: Nice! I'll probably have to look into the season pass once I get my PS3 back up. If all the DLC is going to be 10 a pop again, it makes sense to get the pass and get it cheaper.


The game is great, but it is a point and click adventure. I'd describe it as more of an interactive movie. Most of what you do is walk around, talk to people, and solve environmental puzzels(like find the things laying around to accomplish a certain task). I would say that anyone who this appeals to and loves TWD will love it. Bad reviews must be all people who just didn't know what they were buying.

The sale gives you all 5 episodes. 3 are available right now, and the other two will be, theoretically monthly, as it's been working out so far, bi-monthly-ish.

The story is a prequel to the comics/show centered on a separate character, but with interactions with series regulars prior to their meeting Rick Grimes and Co. Your actions along the way really do matter. People will die, and you will pick who at times, and those choices will carry on across the episodes.

As to gameplay. I did about 3.5 hours per episode, but will definitely go through again making different major choices.