dealspapa john's $10 gift card for $5.00


Fine Print:

This card must be activated at PleaseRedeem.Me/papa-johns within 60 days of purchase. Once activated, it does not expire. Deal cannot be redeemed until the business day after purchase at 10 AM EST. Your use of this card constitutes acceptance of the following terms and conditions: The amount contained on this card may be applied toward the purchase of food, beverage or gratuity from any participating Papa John's restaurant. Verification may be required if the card is used other than by physical presentation (such as telephone or on-line ordering). If the card is lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed, or used without your permission, it will not be replaced or replenished and you will lose any remaining value on the card. This card is not redeemable for cash, except as required by law. This card has no value until activated at a participating location. This offer can be used at any participating Papa Johns location. Limit 1 per customer per household per credit card


Considering I order from Papa johns weekly and have like 240 pts built up.. ( can pretty much each pizza free once a week for 10 weeks).... I guess Ill get this.


I remember when I was 18 (4 years ago...not too long) Someone I knew there always hot boxed the freezer with 5-7 other people EVERY day...if I want pizza, Ill spend the extra $4-$6 and go to a professional pizzaria rather than eat food that was warmed with marijuana smoke before being frozen again.


@livinonedge, Funny since no Papa Johns restaurant contains a freezer.


Oh, another deal-a-day site, with one great deal to get us all attached (and then all deals afterwards aren't nearly as good. LivingSocial did this with Amazon gift cards). Except this time, they've provided a limited amount of Papa Johns deal, so that we still go to the site, expecting a deal, not getting one, but then still follow the site.