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I picked this model up during a Woot Off! last July and absolutely love it. It cleans deeper than a vacuum cleaner and hasn't given me a minute of trouble. I feel kind of ashamed that I bought a 2 year square warranty now.

I did go to Ebay and pick up some extra virtual walls so my Roomba wouldn't mess with any computer wires. Two of the virtual walls cost $30.


What is moofi? Since when did that exist?


@theazman: LOL, welcome to woot. It's been around for at least a year, probably more.


Is anyone else sick of the damn roomba on here every other day. Seriously I'm pretty sure that every wooter that has ever entertained the thought of owning one has one.


Moofi is Woot! upside down. It became deals.woot.


Just an FYI I have one of these from woot from a while ago and they are schedule-able. It doesn't have an easy on board scheduling like the upper models but its still possible. You have to use a serial cable and a program. Here is a link that I used to figure it out.


BUY THIS!!! I have bought 2 of these over the years and I LOVE them. It is without a doubt the best purchase I have ever made. It has truly changed my life. It is the washing machine of my generation (no more beating laundry on a wash board!) I have told all of my friends and family about the roomba. Several have bought it and love them too! Every time it is on Woot, I let more people know.

Aside from the glorious fact that I can push a button on my way out and come home to a freshly vacuumed home- it helps me keep the house clean because I want to run the roomba so everything has to be picked up. And if the floors look so clean, I may as well clean the counters...etc.

The only down side is the first few weeks you spend too much time watching the roomba to see if it will pick up that one piece of will. I do wish they could make one go up and down the stairs so I wouldn't need 2. We have a cat and a rabbit (read as fur everywhere) and the roomba does an amazing job.


Ever since these things have been appearing on Woot, I've wanted one. Living in a 4 bedroom apartment, all of us guys, it is stereotypical to think nothing ever gets cleaned... That would be true if it wasn't for me! This would make my life a tad easier, since it'd be one extra "hand" I'd have in cleaning this place!

One day Roomba.. I'll have 3 of you..


Does this model come with a universal charger (ie 110V-240V) ?


Great price on a terrific robot. Buy one if you want to be first in line to acknowledge our robotic overlords. You will spend almost as much time as you did vacuuming cleaning the bugger, mind you, if you have anyone in the house with long hair (which gets wrapped around the axle and/or buried in the brush) and it does a terrible job when there is a change in heights (such as rugs on a hardwood floor) tending to leave strips of lint along the juncture. But despite these flaws, I have two! For extra fun, download the interface spec and program it yourself!

Oh, and don't forget to get all those cords off the floor - I use cable ties to get them up and out of the way. Roomba likes to try to eat them - sometimes it can detangle itself, more often than not pulling whatever is connected to the cord onto the floor (I'm looking at you Harmony Remote base).


How do you deal with the issue of dusty corners, and other areas of the floor that are unreachable by roomba, but clearly visible?


I have to buy another one because my daughter stole mine when she moved out! Never had a problem with it the 2 years I owned it.


I got one of these during the last Woot-Off and we love it. It was going to be my wife's mother's day present but she demanded to open it early (I may have teased her a little too much about not being able to open it). She is so excited to have this. Every night before we go to bed we just pickup all the toys, press the button on the roomba and wake up with clean floors. I tried it without picking up toys, it just pushes them around, but still did a good job.


I ordered a Roomba off of Woot years ago. I still beleive it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. It cleans very well, getting the edges, corners, and under couches and beds, which would normally never get cleaned. The first time you dump out the catch bin you will notice how well it does too. You can set it to go on a scheduled, but I never did it. I would just start it while I was cleaning other things in the house and let it do its thing. If you don't have other things to do it is actually really fun to watch. My dog liked it too, He He He. Also fun to watch. I would still be using mine but when I moved I now have all hard wood and tile. I am planning to get a Scooba but I am waiting for a good deal (Hint Hint Woot). Bottom line is that if you are thinking of getting one do it. You won't regret it.


@peggenberger: I set up the room for the Roomba before I started it so everything was reachable. I never noticed the corner problem. Mine did a great job on everything. They have a little arm brush that gets the edges and corners. If you are noticing that the corners are dirty just replace the brush for edging.


My Roomba is excellent. I recommend purchasing the Aero-Bin add on to boost cleaning power.


I thought about getting this for my wife for Mother's Day. Then I thought she might be pissed that she's getting a cleaning product as a present. Then I thought, it will keep her from having to vacuum. It's not like I'm buying stuff and expecting her to clean... it's so she (we) don't have to vacuum.

Long story short, I just asked her and she said it was a bad-ass idea. YMMV.


@imbkelley lol. I thought the same thing. But it's kind of like getting her an anti-cleaning product. Now my wife takes a nap while vacuuming the floors. She's not upset one bit :)


@niel89: Yeeeesh! That looks complicated. Do you know of any programming instructions that are dumbed down a bit? Maybe for those of us that think programming the clock on the microwave is worth bragging about? Dang! I need a new Roomba...


I keep hearing mixed things about which model I should go for.

Is this about as cheap as they go?
Are the more expensive (newer) models worth it?

All laminate flooring house with a dog that sheds like a balding Jesus here.

I'm so on the fence. I'm wondering if this price tag would be a little easier to bare if it doesn't work out at all.


I have had roombas over the last 5-8 years. the new ones are so much better than the 400 seris'


So can these things go over short thresholds? Like the transitions between rooms on a laminate floor? Only a centimeter or so?