dealskrispy kreme free glazed donut september 19 on…



I posted this at 12:30AM EST and it still get's deleted.

Anyways, horray for pirate day!

Just to clarify the deal:

Wear a pirate costume - Get a free dozen glazed donuts.

Talk like a pirate (if you're shy to wear the costume) - Get one free glazed donut.
At least you have some dignity left without the costume.


It's not official until midnight central time, trust me, I learned that the hard way too.
But I just want everyone to get free donuts if it is in their area, I'm totally excited for one ^o^

...or a dozen hehe


@joshobra: A Pirate don't need dignity if they got a dozen of them delicious donuts


@animerika: Yeah, I guess I was just having a really crappy day after getting duped for the treasure hunt.

And I also apologize that you did mention about the costume and talking like a pirate in the deal, I totally skipped over it.

Sorry about that.. I'm just so angry right now.


Do Krispy Kremes have free wifi? What if I go in and start torrenting something? Would that get me a free dozen donuts?


So, if I promise change for America, I get a free donut?