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This is the regular price on Amazon. This isn't even a deal.

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Actually, the price on Amazon was $77 until today. I've been watching it. This is a deal. The price on the Roku site also dropped today to the same price but without free shipping. If no one can come up with a better deal, I'm going to jump on this before it goes back up again.


@dps47: I agree. This is a deal. Thanks for posting it.


This is a deal. I bought mine on Amazon 2 weeks ago for 79.99
My whole family loves it! Now I can cut back on that $125 a month satellite bill....


COSTCO has an XS (wired & wiresless net + games) for $95 including an HDMI cable.


Thumbs up if every time you see: XD you think of the smiley face with squinted eyes that your daughter uses in all her texts! XD


@9mmsean: Yep, got mine at the same time. Good deal. Doesn't replace cable for me, but it's a nice extra.


@s21: You are aware that Woot is owned by Amazon, yes?


So other than the ethernet port (which seems pointless if it has built in wireless) and the wii-esque remote, is there any real reason I should purchase the XS over the XD?


@dirtyroyalty: Better connection over wired, also XS has a USB port to play files off an external hard drive or thumb drive (guessing here, don't actually know but that's what I'd put a USB port on it for). If you don't care about either of those (or your wireless is good enough) then you would be fine with the XD model.


so can one of these little buggers play files off a network drive that is not directly attached to it?


Not unless you buy extra software to do this. Can't remember the name of the software- but no, not out of the box it doesn't... but yes, you can make it read a network drive with some software and a little fiddling around.


@xzelick: Yes, you can, but it's a little tricky. I just did this with an XD I picked up from Woot a couple weeks ago.

You need to run media server software somewhere on your network, and then you need to add a channel that can access the server. I tried a bunch of them and I'm not super happy with any of them but they all worked. Some work with iTunes. Many have Linux versions. Many run on NAS devices too. Most have free/lite versions plus inexpensive commercial versions.

-Mainsqueeze uses Logitech's Squeeze Server. Server is commercial and nice.
-Plex uses the Plex Media Server. Server is heavy but powerful.
-SubSonicTV uses the Subsonic Server. Very nice indy developed java server. Very low overhead. I'm using this one now.
-roConnect - haven't tried
- Gabby Media Server - indy developed server/channel. No Linux server

None of them are as nice as PS3 Media Server and a PS3 or XBox. I'm also using a PopCorn Hour and TwonkeyVision with better results than the Roku for this purpose.


Not to spit in anyone's eye, but I bought mine for $60 when they had the "secret" Friends and Family promotion.

Ended up giving it to my sister for Christmas and buying the XS when it was $88 on amazon, with the "$10 off $100 Mastercard" promotion, totaling about $80. From the look of things, I'm glad I was looking before Christmas.


Wow! This deal is still good!