dealsolive garden--20% off entire lunch purchase


legit. but it expires faster that than discounted milk.


You all do realize Olive Garden is $h!t, right?


This is one of the companies that said, they will reduce hours and or fire people. Thus service is going to get worse.
Just avoid these places, Papa Johns is another. They would rather screw over people than pay a decent wage.


@lfseeney: You do realize that these companies have to make a profit to stay in business, right? Under the proposed mandates coming, in order for these companies to stay profitable and in business they are going to have to make a lot of hard choices.

Did you know that the founder/owner/president of Papa Johns has said that even with the cuts he has proposed, the price of his still pizza is going to increase by 10 to 15 cents each?

As you have your hours cut to part time status, or get laid off please enjoy your free food, housing, etc. that you are think you are entitled to. Also, remember that the health care plan that is proposed is not free. You will be required to pay for it even if you don't have a job or cannot otherwise afford it.

Please enjoy the next four years. I myself am scared, really scared.


@hottubrf: I guess one man's turd is another man's breadstick! :-)


@lfseeney: You are an idiot. Papa Johns, Applebees, Olive Garden, and MANY other businesses have said no such thing.

They HAVE said that the impending and UNFUNDED Obamacare may FORCE individual franchisees to limit their workers hours to under the 30-hour thresh hold so that the employer will not be required to pay a portion of the healthcare. What are you going to do? Boycot EVERY business that will not be able to afford this HORRIBLE legislation?? Then prepare to stay home, because no business will be able to afford it.


Enjoy eating overpriced garbage knowing a possibly sick person w/ no healthcare is wheezing and hacking over your meal while preparing it. Yummy.


I love the squabble over 10-15 cents for a pizza. So that the country can have medical insurance. If a pizza is 11.65 instead of 11.50, I'm still buying.
Not to mention of course that this is the most non-socialist, pro-capitalist policy in a long time. We're talking 45-50 million people now required to pay for insurance. Which, in case you didn't notice, is what people are required to do for auto insurance. I like how wrong it is that everyone should have health insurance. No, you're right, screw the poor. Let 'em suffer. Their fault.
How about the trillions we spend on war? I don't wanna spend that. But I'm not threatening revolt.

I love this argument that "the 47%" are lazy leeches. I work my ass off. Teacher/tutor/editor 60 hours a week. At school 9-6, then editing and tutor. I'm paying down my 50k in loans I took for college, for which I pay about 6-7% interest. Burst the bubble.


This is really just an Olive Garden coupon for 20% off a lunch order.


It's a damn shame that a simple coupon can inspire this much antagonism. On this forum lets just say thanks for the deal.

But there should be some reality checking for false statements. Sorry, but many businesses are cutting hours for people in relation to government regs; it is simply a fact. Check news stories on Darden.

So people that were busting their butts to make a living get a 25% pay cut. The government sure is helping them now, boy. But it will be OK, they will just tell the companies to give benefits at 20 hours; and then the employees will be taking home 50% instead of 75% or the 110% they really want.

I am so sorry it just sucks that this is so visceral. Lets just enjoy cheaper pasta; sometimes it's called "comfort food."


@petepapin1969: Any companies that think that they need to screw over their workers in order to buy castles for their CEO's deserve to go out of business.


enjoying eating a overprice garbage,


Also, keep in mind that the coupon says Mon-Thurs lunch, so no weekends!


"47%" counts elderly people on medicare and those on disability too, like soldiers returning missing limbs. But you're right, grandma and our vets are leaches. Have you actually met anyone on welfare at all? For those who are abusing the system what do you suggest? Forced labor camps?

No one is running the country into the ground. There are 3 branches of government to prevent that. Most are just mad a black man was elected twice and started to cry about it online. You're in your rights to do so, as am I to call you a racist idiot.

We're the only western nation without healthcare. Why? Canada has it, whats stopping us from having affordable healthcare. Oh noes Socialism! Corporate greed running the country unchecked is any better? You think the rich care about you? Explain to me how trickle down economics isn't a euphemism for the wealthy pissing on everyone.

Olive Garden is bleh, this coupon isn't going to make up for that.


@joshshaman: You can't help the poor by putting the entire country in so much debt that they can't get out. What a legacy you are leaving the children you teach. Your light bulb is obviously very dim.


We don't have universal health care, primarily because it doesn't work. And feel free to use Canada as an example. I have relatives in Canada, and they have been very very clear on how LONG they wait to get any major surgery or medical care.

And by all means use some european country, and then see that in some cases 50% of your salary goes to the common good.

Staying on topic - Olive garden does have some okay "italian". Last time I went to one of the independent local joints, the seafood was cooked until it was rubbery discs of shrimp and scallops. And the had the nerve to tell me that was correct. At least I know I get consistency from Olive Garden.


I love the glossing over the 10 trillion in debt Bush left us and the recession he left us. Obama's fault of course. I love that we can gloss over the trillions spent in the mid-east cause it's a "necessity" to fight for "freedom." And of course the personal attacks on my intelligence and my career.
I've had this debate about insurance. I pay a percentage of my income, 4.5%. My school pays 4.5% for my insurance as well (Korean law.) When people get sick or injured they go to the doctor. They don't worry about co-pays and insurmountable bills. My co-pay cost is usually around $5. My friend had knee surgery for 1k. I never "wait in line" or any of that garbage. It hasn't bankrupt this country. What a surprise.
Now, American doctors are personal doctors with whom you can have a relationship. You don't have that here. American doctors are the world's best for sure. But the argument is that I'm living in socialized hell. Wrong, it works here and could in the States.


All this political ranting is making me hungry.... oh look, breadsticks!


This is just ridiculous.
You either like the deal or you don't. No need to start a flame war because you don't like the company. Grow up people. This is what's bringing Deals.Woot! down.

Thank you to the OP for the coupon. I am using mine tomorrow.


When Bush left office and O$ama took office, the national debt was around 6 trillion. It is now around 16 trillion. What is it going to be in 4 more years? What has 10 trillion done to improve our nation? Nothing! Just lined the pockets of other "organizers"(union bosses, politicians, racial hate leaders....). Get the national government out of our lives and let the communites take care of their own. The government is supposed to protect our borders and make laws to keep the people safe from harm. Not tax everything it can until there is nothing left to tax. When the businesses go out of business becuase their prices are too expensive for people to buy(even with their government check), then what? The government does make money. Just collect taxes.
Oh yeah this is about a coupon, It sucks that it expires so quickly. I will have some soup and salad this week.



Actually the debt was $5.7 trillion when George Bush took office in January 2001 ($5.629 trillion.) When he left office it was $10.7 trillion ($10.626 trillion.) It is currently at $16 trillion (Give or take a few billion.) George Bush increased it by $4.997 trillion and currently President Obama has increased it by $5.374 trillion. There's plenty of reasons to dislike President Obama's politics, but lets at least keep the facts straight.


@mattfeldls: what businesses? The biggestest corporations don't pay taxes in the US. Show me a list of companies that are being taxed into the ground. Let the free market take care of itself you say? So another Enron or housing market collapse? Please continue to defend the richest 1%, I'll make popcorn and laugh at you.


@outdoorslife: wow so I have friends in Canada too. They love their health care. They actually wish Americans would stop crossing the boarder for cheap meds. I guess all the other nations that have had universal health care for years now must be wrong about it. Which country and tax bracket do you pay 50% of your income to "the common good"?

I dare you to try and convince me why universal health care works in those countries but not ours.