dealsincredible plastics 18-gallon general tote for $4…


time to make that 18 gallon pond i promised my gf for xmas :)


Just a note, these are available for free store pick up at my Lowe's. Which is a good thing, because it says that parcel delivery is unavailable and the only other option is the Lowe's Truck delivery (which costs 55 dollars).


could i fit a zombie in here?


do these really qualify to be called incredible?


keep getting an error that the store i'm trying to shop is unavailable. Although it shows they have almost 200 in stock.


based on some of the reviews it doesn't sound too incredible...


Where are Admiral Cardboard Box and Lieutenant Crate?


Why you got me running around Woot trying to find some stupid piece of plastic when I have a perfectly good tub I can use?


@finzup: I was considering it, but a lot of the reviews say they crack or break...thinking I'll skip these.


@stipo... well silly, they are in the galley with Major Container and Seaman Vessel


While they may not be the best quality, I'm not going to be putting real heavy items in them or moving them often. Along with other coworkers - we're in for 15.


When it comes to unexpected flooding:
$4 plastic tote > $0 cardboard box


@futility: Will these withstand Hydroflouric Acid?


@fit410s: If you cut him into appropriately-sized pieces, yes.


Made in the USA!

This might be the first item ever sold as a sponsored link that was made in USA? That said, based on the reviews it might not be so great - though who comments on a storage bin if it woks well for them?


@littledude90: only if you pre-coat with olive oil


They are very rigid plastic, so if dropped, set down on corners improperly, picked up with too much weight in them, they will break. They often enough come in with the bottom two or three already broken. That being said, if you are just putting things such as Christmas ornaments or whatnot, they will not bow/cave so you don't have to worry about anything pushing on it enough to break whats inside first.

Really it just depends on what you wish to store.


I picked up 5 in the store.
They seem decent quality for $4 to me... better than i expected.

Though the bottom 2 in the stack were bent up some on the bottom. I'd assume that means you should not put that much weight when / if stacking them.