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about time this site fights big pharma. make sure its d3 not d2


In my opinion if every human were to supplement 5k iu's a day of vitamin d3 we would see a 50% drop in all cancers across the board. All the newest research confirms this. The sun is not enough people, you MUST SUPPLEMENT it.

This is basically a CURE for cancer. All this pink ribbon fundraising is done by people that mean well, but the CURE IS RIGHT HERE. Instead of donating cash( making big pharma even richer) to pink ribbon stuff, buy a friend or loved one Vit d3 and take it yourself. That will cure cancer, not any pink ribbon. Just do it


sigh Everyone is looking for a quick fix...

Are people really stupid enough to think that the great complexity of cancers and other health issues are due to one simple thing? These kind of books cherry pick data for their own purposes. If you're willing to believe that then try this one: Sugar is the cause of everything bad. Lack of fiber in the diet is the cause. Chemicals in the environment are the cause. Or any of the myriad of other explanations which you can find data to support as the culprit. So which one is right? Most likely a combination of all of them, and perhaps other things we haven't discovered yet.


I am not saying the book is a hundred percent correct. There are studies linking low vitamin d to depression. The studies also link this to a specific type of the vitamin.


@hopec12: 65% reduction of all cancers has been proven time and time again in studies just by supplementing vit d3

sometimes the simplest of things make the most difference

big pharma controls the medical industry so this info is always suppressed