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There is no need to post beware of them on every one of their deals. Plenty of people have good experiences with them, who is gonna take the time to leave a review unless they not satisfied? I recommend people to search deals.woot and see how many people reply to dailysteals deals with good experiences as well. Just as many if not more positive responses as not. The deals wouldn't constantly be voted to over 100 if they were horrible. Read other opinions on these posts

And the letter from the CEO to customers regarding changes in the way they do things to make up for any bad items/service


Some selected quotes:

I haven't had a problem with Daily Steals. Purchased about 5 or 6 products from them with no problems.

I haven't had any problems with Dealy Steals either, but I'd have a hard time recommending a G5 Mac to anyone at this point unless you need this hardware to support a legacy system.

I personally have never had any issues with DailySteals... They ship pretty quickly, and products have been great. I love them... They even have free shipping on fridays. :)

And as for the company, never had a problem with them either. And I was involved in the Sandisk debacle. It's always conveniently left out that people where offered a credit for the amount you paid AND were able to keep the card - which worked, it just didn't have the fancy name on it.

Here we go again with the DailySteals bashing. Never had a problem with them, have ordered with them countless times and everything was fine.

So, yeah, talk about the product and deal, stop bashing a decent company.


And show me a phone number for Woot. Don't worry, I'll wait.


I'm actually typing on this very keyboard that I ordered from Daily Steals last time they had this deal up (or maybe the time before that). Haven't had a single problem with it. No scratches, came with everything it would new, and their "hassle free" packaging is basically what other places call bulk packaging: plain Jane cardboard box, which is all you really need. Personally I could care less about flashy packaging, and if it makes the item cheaper, all the more reason to use it.


Ok have skipped out on the last couple of put down sessions of Daily Steals but my experience is also that they are a great company. Multiple purchases with no problems. And the one time a delivery took over a week when I emailed them they replied the next day even though the item had been delivered the afternoon I sent my query.


I have purchased items from them several times. I have never been burned by them... Definitely a positive buying experience for me. This looks like a cool product. I am in for one.