dealsdyson 19399-02 am03 pedestal fan - silver…


$185 for a used fan? This deal blows.


Amazon has the new ones for 366$ or 490$ depending on which is the same model so this is a decent deal... but ye cats and little fishies, 180-500$ for a FAN?


I sell these in my store..... unwillingly. They're a complete ripoff unless you happen to have a child who's obsessed with sticking his fingers in the blades of a normal fan. They don't push nearly as much air as a $20 box fan, don't feel exceptionally well made, and they cost an arm and a leg.


I bought this on the last woot and I must say that it feels cheap. Would not recommend.


@chuckmister: That's my funniest downvote in some time. :)


I saw something like this fan in real life... When I first saw it on the interwebs I thought it used some sort of ionic something to push the air. The model I saw has a fan causing an updraft inside the base and this comes out of the ring, I was not impressed.


This hum loudly while failing at it's blow job. :D