dealsjetblue: the fa-la-la-la-la-fare sale (7 hours…


Because you work for jetblue? And every other airline has similar sales?


@stephen6789: Nah, though I do fly them a fair bit because they have direct flights between points I need to get to.


I think what he meant to say was, "this is much better then the deals they post on the regular". I used to fly jetblue a lot (because it really is one of the best flight experiences ever. No First Class, its ALL first class! hehehe) but after they quit offering the AYCJ Pass I finally said I am done with them. Its usually more expensive.. I live in Chicago now so every offer sucks for me but they have some deals.

No better than anyone else who offers a discount out of or into one of their hubs. so...Im gonna say pass on this unless you fit the very necessary criteria for a deal.


already dead in the water...