dealsapple macbook air notebook computer 11.6" display…


I love how they have to put "Regularly" 1,000 bucks so people will think 800 for this piece of crap is somehow a deal. I wouldn't pay 500 for this.


@cavimike: Thanks for your insightful post. I have a MacBook Air and love it. Best laptop I've ever had.


@cavimike: $1000 is actually the regular price at Best Buy and Apple. Amazon has it for $900.
Maybe not for you, but it is a good deal if you are in the market.


At $799.99 it's a little closer to the specifications of similarly priced pc laptops, but still not worth it.

11.6" screen is pretty small.


Wow! An actual sale price on an Apple product. Don't see that very often. Usually it'll say "see price at checkout" and instead of 995.99 it'll be 995.50.


Already have one, just bought another with this deal. It's a fantastic computer.

FYI, shipping was no longer available when I ordered it a few minutes ago, but it was available for pickup at my local store. Still worth it!


i love to hate on apple and the apple cult...

...that being said, I use a MBA for work and it is a freaking amazing machine. The best laptop I've ever used.


Seems like a good deal for a neat machine, but I'm more of a PC gamer use, so...


Not a bad price for a truly mobile laptop. Other ultrabooks will run you about as much. Not for me but I could see how others would be interested.


Although I'm no fan of Airs or Pros, this is still a solid deal, considering its price at Amazon and Apple. I've had the chance to toy around with an Air, and if you want an extremely portable laptop and aren't worried too much about space (64 GB SSD, which I assume can be swapped out for something larger and at a reasonable price), I'd say go for this deal, if you prefer the OS.


Looks like the sale is over; price listed today is $939.99.