dealskitchenaid professional 600 stand mixer for $184…


I own two of these mixers. Well, actually one is in storage and I couldn't live without it so I bought another one while living overseas. I guess I'll be able to make cookies and cake at the same time when I move back to the States.


@zuiquan: I had been living with a Sunbeam hand mixer I bought at a garage sale back in high school (over 30 years ago!). Last year I told DH that all I REALLY wanted was one of these. I LOVE it! This year I might ask for more accessories. If you can recommend the most useful ones, I would appreciate the feedback!


@belyndag: get the meat grinder/pasta maker. Absolutely worth it!


@belyndag: Ditto the meat grinder. I've got the pasta roller too but have never used it. The meat grinder has seen hundreds of pounds of meat though. Well worth whatever it costs. My sister has the ice cream bowl and likes it.


Found the full process just now on slickdeals... rebate form link:

There are instructions on the form on how to get the extra $24 back.

Link to slickdeals thread:


I hope I'm not violating any rules here but load the Kohl's site through the fatwallet cash back link and get an extra 3% back in addition to these huge savings. Hell of a deal for that huge mixer.


That was an awesome deal! Thanks!!!!


Used fatwallet and a discover for 10% cash back...


This deal was the best deal I can remember ever seeing for the KitchenAid. Thanks


@nitroblitz: I know! The price is amazing! I got mine last Christmas for $299 and thought that was awesome. It had a $50 mail in rebate I missed out on because DH tossed the box with the bar code before I could clip it off (just a warning to everyone who buys this!!!!). I'm delighted with my mixer, but it didn't even come with the bowl cover and I think this one does.

I almost wish I didn't have one already so I could take advantage of this deal. Can't justify two and no one close to me needs one. Dang! My fingers are itching to buy it, anyway!


Also, if you read the fine print on the rebate you can decline the magazine deal and get an additional $24.00 back. Would definitely be worth a try.


Sale price is back up to $489, wish I would have pulled the trigger earlier today.