dealscraftsman laser trac level (new) for $4.99


Adapter for strapping to a shark's head sold separately.


If you're OCD and you don't have one of these for leveling the art/family pics/whatever is hanging on your walls, then you're doing it wrong.


I reckon most folks will need someone to hold this steady while you adjust the stuff on the wall or draw a line for mounting something. I don't have metal studs, so i know would need help. Sadly, suction cup models don't stick well either.

Does anyone have the type that levels itself and sits on a tripod in the middle of the room? I think that would be better if you don't have extra hands.


Is it just me, or does this look a LOT like a TF2 RED sentry gun while it's first going up?

(In the main view only, of course.)


@bsmith1: There are 2 notches that allow you to use pushpins to hold it in place too.

I got this last time woot had it... it's not "great", but I'd say def worth $10.


@peterflynn: Thanks! I didn't see those. It looks like the magnetic base is pretty heavy... Would a couple pushpins really hold it in place on drywall?


I have one for at home. its cheap and gets the job done. but at work i use quality self leveling laser's... so for $4.99 its great for around the house.


@bsmith1: When I brought mine a year or so back it came with a base that had pushpins built in and it does a good job holding it up. but be careful as you change the angle sometimes and dont always get it level when pushing the pins in