dealsthe girl with the dragon tattoo[blu-ray] for $7…


Normally I'd be jumping all over this, but BB's website doesn't have any solid information about what package this is. It could be the real, actual, 3-disc release, or it could be some cheap 1-disc movie-only edition with no subtitles. If anyone can verify that this is the real thing somehow, I'd be happy as a clam to get this, but at the moment I'm just going to be waiting until Amazon or somebody with good product pages puts it on sale.


Click on the image of the box cover. It's the Daniel Craig/Rooney Mara 1st movie.


I'm pretty certain this is the real thing. Only one version of the Blu-Ray exists and this shows the same "Blu-Ray/DVD/Ultraviolet" banner as that one, plus a list price of $30.99.


Sold out. Disappeared between the time I put it in the cart and got through checkout...