dealshp envy 15.6” hd led a10 quad-core 8gb 750gb hdmi…


Absolutely do not get a computer with a 1366 x 768 resolution especially if it is 15.6" unless you know what you are doing.

If you know what you are doing, carry on.

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@k87: The problem with that statement is that 1366x768 is basically THE standard screen resolution for 11-16" laptops from all manufacturers over the last 6+ years, except for the much more expensive high-end models.

I've actually found that a lot of people who don't know what they are doing also tend to not really care about low pixel density. Of course having a full-HD or higher IPS panel with touch would be "better" but is it really better-enough to justify something like 3-4x the price? For most people looking at laptops on this price range on Woot! I would guess the answer is no, and they'd probably be fine with a model like this.

That having been said, I really wish computer manufacturers would standardize on at least 900p if not 1080p screens starting at 14" or so rather than not bumping up the resolution until the 17" models. On a widescreen display it's the limited vertical pixels that bug me most. The fact is, though, that they don't sell those cheap, at least not yet.


Yes, that just happened. I dropped the price from $439.99 to $419.99. Go one. For the two of you who already purchased at the higher price, first of all, thank you, and secondly, we will credit you back the difference.


Why all the down-votes on this? It looks to be a really good computer for the price! Other then low res, the processor seems good for a laptop and I like what amd did with the A-series and the graphics cards. Anyone have a clue what the hate is for?


@coryb13: Maybe they were downvoting and not buying initially in the hopes that Woot! might lower the price? If so, looks like it actually worked. I wouldn't count on that working very often though.
My MIL has the 17" version with the somewhat slower A8-4500M (also a refurb from Woot! last year) and it has been great. Plenty fast enough right out of the box, but switching the hard drive for an SSD made it super-responsive. It also seems pretty well built. It also looked like new other than the box saying refurbished.


Someone looking for a good budget laptop...this is a good deal. that CPU/APU is decent. The RAM is higher than most in it's price range.

All in all a good deal.


They had this computer on sale on woot plus this morning for $379. Shame I missed it.