deals35% off clearance @ ecko unlimited


Great deal! I have an obsession with Ecko brand stuff.


woot - finally able to pick up the Vader hoodie at a sweet price for the fiance. he'll giggle with glee :)


While I don't deny that the discount is 35% off, the math (in words) on their site points to the contrary.

The site hints that you get your 35% off by taking an EXTRA 10% off the 25% off price of clearance items. If you have 10% or 25% off, you're paying 90% or 75% (respectively) of the price. So obviously the percentages are multiplicative, not additive (as the site suggests). Implying that if your clearance item is originally of price "x," you should be paying:
0.90(0.75(x)) = 0.675x, meaning you're paying 67.5% of the original price, indicating a 100-67.5 = 32.5% discount.

And, obviously, 35% off != 32.5% off.

This is just for anyone nerdy enough to have caught their mistake. I've tested it and you indeed WILL get the 35% off, not 32.5%.

So, if you aren't getting 10% additional off, what percentage ARE you getting off? Glad you asked:
(1-R)(0.75)(x) = 0.65x
1-R = 65/75
R = 1 - 65/75
R = 13.333% (ish) off

What word causes this confusion? "Extra."


Got in on the sale, saved a bunch! Thanks


expired? or am i doing something wrong