dealsthe fridge insulated sling backpack cooler for $4…


When I checked they were $0.00 - Free. Not a bad deal.


@cdunkle: as noted by @belyndag in the (typically well-thought) product notes. Seems appropriate to recast it as $4.49 + free shipping to be more transparent and reduce the seller gimmickry.


@cdunkle: A while back I started posting deals that are "Free+shipping" this way but try to be careful to explain that in the description to avoid confusion. I guess you just missed that part of the text.

@bluemaple: Thanks, yes. The bottom line is that the item is $4.49 shipped, regardless of how it shows up. Maybe I should just start putting that info in the subject line and leave the price and shipping boxes empty, because someone always misses that part of the description and I have to come back and explain it again. In this case cdunkle was nice about it. I have had trolls who razzed me for posting it "wrong." (sigh)

In any case, if we post a deal as "FREE," DW doesn't seem to like it and never lets it go popular.