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AAAAALLLLL!!! I want to have seeeex!

Shut up Peg.


A fat woman walks into the store today ...


Those articles that say married couples have sex every month are just sensationalistic lies perpetrated on the public to sell magazines. It's hooey I tell you, hooey.


I work in a shoe store, I make less than minimum wage, and yet I'm not happy to be home.


Where a buck's enough to see their stuff, at the nudie bar.
Where the breasts may be fake but man do they shake, at the nudie bar.
Where you swear like a sailor, and wish you could nail her, at the nudie bar.


I once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game!


Greatest TV show, ever! Timelessly funny.


I have the set, and two things really stink about it. The packaging is horrendous, and getting the discs out to watch is a pain, and there is way too much potential for scratching discs. The super annoying thing is that they were only licensed to have the "Love and Marriage" song for the first seasons, and the rest of them have this really bad song in it's place. Other than that, pure awesome.


Looks like it may be dead. It's showing $44.99 for me.


Looks like deal is dead. Price is now $44.99.

Move along folks.. nothing to see here..