dealsassassin's creed iv: black flag - xbox360, ps3 or…


Amazon is now matching this deal.


I think it's a good idea to reward the business who first offered the deal over one that just matches, though.


@craig234: Considering how Best Buy lies to people through Geek Squad and with deluxe HDMI cables etc, I personally wouldn't feel bad going with Amazon.


I'll stick with the original seller here. BBY stock prices reflects wanting all business. AMZN trying to play bully. Support BBY, make the BrickN'Mortar still worth it. I'm buying 2 of the 3 available (bought one on release day).


@jasma12: That's ironic, considering how many local pc shops Best Buy killed. Consumers don't really care though, they just want low prices. Amazon's support is far better than Best Buy though.

About the game, this is a good deal for a good (not great) game. The controls on foot are truly awful, but if you stay on your boat as much as possible, it's quite fun, if only because the boat battles are rather unique.

No boat battles in Multiplayer though, which is a huge disappointment.