dealsgoogle nexus 10 32gb for $349.99 + free shipping


This is today's Woot and is selling for $20 cheaper


@dfitzgerald3: I'd rather pay 20$ more and get a new one....


Woot = refurbished + $5 shipping

Ebay = brand new + free shipping


Only $15 more when you factor in free shipping.


are these both the newest version???


yeah this should be a no-brainer for anyone considering this tablet. who wouldn't pay $15 more for a new item?


As a person who works in a service center for an electronic company (not one that work on these, but I can't imagine it'd be very different) I'd rather take the refurb unit.
The Chinese company and workers making these things either don't know what they are making or care if it's broken. If there is a problem they'll just make a new one and hope that one works.
If you get a refurb at least it has been looked at by a human; a human that has at least some small interest that it actually works. And it's cheaper, 20 bucks is 20 bucks.


But if it breaks, and they do, the warranty on a refurb item is considerably weaker than a new warranty.


@fredyk: And less likely to be needed.


@onechrisn: With a new one, you have the protection of a warranty. If it breaks, you send it back and it is fixed by a human with an interest in making sure it works. If it doesn't break, you've still got a new one with a longer warranty!


Refurb vs new - batteries have a limited number of charge cycles. The only manufacturer I am aware of that replaces all batteries in refurbs is Apple. Even if this device works like a gem when you get it, you can have no way of knowing how many cycles (or how much abuse) that refurb battery has endured.


The refurbished Woot deal would cost me $358.44 because Amazon now charges sales tax in my state (Georgia), making the ebay deal a better one by far.


@onechrisn: I learned my lesson about refurbed tablets the hard way. Bought an Acer A100, which was a great little machine until the EMMC card crapped out after 9 months.

Recently bought a 2013 Nexus 7 new with a year warranty. Still saved a few bucks though: it was open-box.

While I'm on the topic, if you can get by on a 7" screen, the new Nexus 7 is seriously fantastic, and it's only $229.


@flyswatter: Depends on the location of the seller. I pay sales tax on almost nothing from Amazon.


@gbeenie: it also depends on your location. Some states have been very aggressive in collecting sales/use taxes from their citizens. Not sure about Amazon, but as of a couple weeks ago, daughter Woot charges those taxes based upon the customers residing in the following states: AZ, CA, GA, KS, KY, NJ, NY, PA, TX, VA, WA, and WV.


@gbeenie: That's true. Without checking to see, there's a 1 in 50 chance that this seller may be based in Georgia, but there's a 100% chance I'll pay sales tax to Amazon for this item. There are a few items I can get via Amazon that are stocked and sold through a third party, and I slip pass the sales tax penalty on those rare occasions.