dealspny attache 128gb flash drive & total defense…


Its actually a $70 mail in rebate...


@stephen1424: Yes, I messed this up. There is a $55 savings with a $70 mail in rebate on top of that.



Still a great deal. If it wasn't tiger direct I would think it was bogus.


@stephen1424: Knowing it is Tiger Direct makes me think it is bogus. They're infamous about not honoring mail in rebates.


It says $24.99 after $60 rebate card now.


If I had the patience to wait 3-6 months for a rebate, I would be all over this. Not for me, but still a great deal, and would be even better without the software they are trying to sell. :) You are essentially buying the flash drive, after rebate, for almost 60% off (price on site is, as stated above, now $24.99)

For a review on the software they are trying to sell here:


FYI, the rebate requires you to activate the software first, which involves entering a valid credit card number. You should be able to cancel it later, though.


If it's anything like the deal they had once on a 1tb external hard drive, you have to activate the software. The software requires a credit card, but it should come with a year's subscription for free. Just wait until you have the rebate in hand before deactivating the subscription.


Not worth the trouble. Per the Newegg reviews, the software is crap and kind of scammy.


What's the problem? I've used their rebates for some of the best buys of my life, and I've been into computers since 1984. Granted, the process can be cumbersome and slow, but I've never felt scammed or ripped off. Gotten values up to $100.00 free, and in my book, that's not bad.