dealsfree xbox live 1600 points when you buy xbox liveā€¦


troll mask on PS3 online $0


I'm fairly new to the xbox community and my free month is almost up. How much would this actually save me?


@eyeflytwohigh: A year of XBL is $60, the points are worth $20. This is a good deal if you missed the recent Best Buy Year for $40. Essentially you're paying the same for a full year, but getting the added benefit of 1600 points. It's a wash.


I would skip it unless you really, really need a Gold card right now.
Usually, you can find a Gold membership for someplace in the $35-45 range.
1600 points are about 20 bucks.
So, as mentioned, it's mostly a wash.
But, if you don't plan on using the points, it's not a deal. 1600 isn't really a lot of points. One map pack in Black Ops was (IIRC) 1200 points.


@michaelwasz: I must have completely missed the Best Buy sale. Damn. My Live runs out in a few months and I have a Best Buy giftcard.