dealsultra limited edition 550w power supply - atx…


When I received mine it was a 600W


reduced $2.00 now $8.97 after MIR


I've got an Ultra in my computer now that is just starting to fail after five years. I'll use my warranty claim on it but in the meanwhile I need another PS and this will do just fine!


A lotta things ... are like a lotta other things.
The 550 watts may mean surge watts, not for continuous duty.
You could always cheat- add up all the max wattages of your components. If you don't come up over 300 watts, then a 550 watt PS like this will work well.
I still get amazed by folk with lame PCs and a 150 watt video card. Or two.
And there is still some cap rot out there. A set of rounded out caps on a mobo can pull too much on an old PS. Check your fans- a bad PS fan can be bad news for a lot of things.


The 450W does not include free shipping+ $ 4.89. (cheapest for me) So you end up paying more for it than this one.


I will put it my closet as an emergency back-up. If I never use it it's worth $ 11.00 just knowing it's there.


Agreed, a great deal. I upgraded my parents' computer with my old graphics card, and spending about 15 bucks to upgrade their stock PS to handle it all is a no-brainer.

Also, you can get the 450W for $7.97 after rebate as well; just click the 450W button once you go through this link.


@jamesc359: I've owned plenty of Ultra PSU's...not sure why you think they're garbage. This is a great deal with the rebate.


Garbage that's guaranteed for a lifetime? Fascinating.