dealsamc theatre - 50% combo #1 or #2 - concession…


Something tells me this will be deleted yet again soon. I'm very thankful it was posted a couple days ago so I could print it and not forget. Whoever posts it again late tonight will get all the rep credit for this deal.


@omnichad: Meh, I could care less about the rep, I'm just spreading a coupon I got in my AMCStubs email. Today when I got the email was the first time I saw it.


Hey - lucky you. It's still here! I just hate finding out about deals just before the offer is deleted. I try to email it to someone else and the link doesn't work. This was posted on Wednesday and was deleted not long after I found it. Some of us like to plan ahead.


combo 1 (large popcorn and large fountain drink) or combo 2 (large popcorn and two large fountain drinks)

For those that are wondering.