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It says it's neverending, but it's actually only about ninety minutes long. A dang fine way to spend 90 minutes, though!


@skunkmonkey: It just seems like it's never-ending while you're watching it!


One of my favorite movies growing up!! I'd be in, but I already own this on BD..

A shame though, that someone else came along and made a 2nd movie, that really didn't follow the 1st, or have much to do with it at all...and then someone else came along and did it again for a 3rd movie..



(luckdragon roar)


FYI ALERT: For those of you who decide to get this and think while watching it: "...this doesn't quite look like I remembered it and the quality seems a bit off", that's because Universal's release of this Blu-ray in the states is considered the inferior version among all released versions world-wide. The Italian version and Dutch versions are considered superior. With the Dutch version having more accurate color and clarity + being region-free, the hard-core fans have opted to import that one over the U.S. version. Sad state of affairs really, that some of these classic American made cinema treasures get butchered here, yet treated to a proper release elsewhere. Another recent example is the classic 80's comedy The 'Burbs with Tom Hanks. It exists on blu-ray already, but not here in the States. Only in Sweden did Universal studios feel there was a more target rich demographic for a classic Tom Hanks comedy to be released first. Who knows when we'll see it here, if ever at all.