dealscanon eos 7d digital slr camera with ef-s 18…


A very nice camera and a nice price.
But found it cheaper here:


How is this a deal? That's $5 less than B&H's everyday price... and btw, the kit lens is crap.


WOW!! This deal is awesome, I bought 3 in case one breaks and I can give my wife one of her own. (We're always fighting over electronics.)

I can't wait to get this, it'll make my facebook profile pics look so much better. The mirror is kinda fuzzy and really takes away from my nice curved figure. My wife likes to take pictures of artwork (mainly impressionist pieces but it's a real job to find a gallery willing to let her, so she's usually operating from outside a window HAHA) Whenever she gets in trouble I just hit her with the camera and the operators tend to leave us alone, works every time!

What a deal!


@rasputin2012 I see what you did there - nice troll ;)


abes of main is not legit, i bought a panasonic camera form them that they "guaranteed" was an american US camera, got it in the mail, went to register it with panasonic and they told me it was actually a canadian camera. Called abes, they said that panasonic must have been wrong so i conference called panasonic and abes and they dude form abes got shut down so hard from the panasonic lady. They wanted to charge me a restocking fee to return it and i freaked out. notified american express, better business bureau and wrote them a letter and they took back the camera.



@niugnep: it is crap, but it blows the rebel kit lens to hell and back.

this is not a particularly good deal, and you could find a 5d mk i with a better lens for less.

@zipper1022: calm down. it sucks that you were sold gray market stuff, but abe's has an extremely good reputation. there's something to be said of confirmation bias.


@niugnep: The kit lens is fine. It's no f/2.8 lens, but is great for all around photos, especially outside in sunlight. I know...once you go fast, you can never go back. It's tough to go back to this 28-135 lens after shooting a 300mm f/2.8 etc, but they're not made for the same type of shooting. If it's crap, say what time of shooting it's crap for.


yeah, obviously it's not a 70-200 f/2.8 L IS but it's not the worst lens Canon makes.
That would be the 75-300. Now THAT's the worst lens Canon makes.

The kit lens is pretty good for a walking around lens.
As a matter of fact, it's pretty darned sharp at f/8.
You just need to know how to work with the equipment you have.
If this is going to be your starter camera, that's a great lens to learn with.


AbesofMaine. Heh. Say goodbye to your money. There's a reason their reputation throughout the photography world is the lowest of the low.


Also echoing the comments about AbesofMaine. They always have the "lowest" price but often the kit will not come with all of its components and you end up spending an extra $50 for a battery that should have come with it. They have a reputation for being remarkably shady. Pay a little more for piece of mind and go with B&H or Adorama.


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"18-135"????? when did they switch over from the 28-135? Is this new version any better?


abesofmaine is old baitnswitch masters. i've dealt with them before. they BUY good reviews to stya in business.