dealsooma telo voip home phone system (refurbished…


This is an outstanding deal!
Several months ago, I got one of these refurbs on Woot (for more $), and I've been extremely happy. I had been using Vonage--and had no issues--but for $3.76 per month for the Ooma, you just can't beat it.

Just do it. You won't regret it. (Assuming you have decent broadband internet).

Why would 13 people vote against this deal???


I have an Ooma and like it, but have one problem with how it's advertised.

It's not a FREE service. Turns out there is a $3.70+ tax on FREE. That's not FREE.

Still better that BigTelCo though!


Strong recommendation! Had mine for a few years now with absolutely no regrets.

I use the premier service, so I can have two lines.
The auto-forwarding is fantastic when I have to be out of town. Folks call home, and it's sent straight to my cell.
Or, with the bluetooth connection, when I'm home charging my phone and it rings, it just rings the home phone.

This is a great price!


Get Nettalk, it's cheaper, smaller/more portable and if set up properly, it works well....Just make sure you do port forwarding and the quality is excellent...


I want to use one of these for our home service but we use our fax quite a bit. Is there any way to use this with a fax?


@antaran: The 3 dollars and change pay the government taxes and fees. Somebody has to pay the man, and Ooma can't stay afloat if they charge you $0 and have to pay the gov't 3-4 dollars.


@hulagirl: Faxing on VOIP lines is bothersome at best. I'm able to fax out no problem by adding a *99 in front of the fax number I'm dialing. I've had problems with incoming faxes, but there is a setting I've recently discovered in the Ooma preferences that allows selection of Phone, Fax, or Alarm. I can't say if this helps incoming fax or not, as I have not tried it yet.


I got one of these recently here on woot. No complaints at all. Quality is excellent, and it's only $3.73/month where I live. I've used it to nearly eliminate my cell phone bill. I ported my cell number to Google Voice, and use Google Voice to forward my calls to my Ooma when I'm at home, and to my work phone when I'm at work. GVoice always forwards to my cell phone (Ptel pay as you go) for when I'm on the road. I went from $50+ dollars/month for my cell to less than $10/month on my new plan (and that includes the $3.73 for the Ooma). Definitely recommended :)