dealsglowkey glow-in-the-dark keyboard with 4x larger…


Currently I see $8.96 shipped, or $9.89 prime.
Poor reviews regarding the glow in the dark part. The letters ARE nice and big, though, apparently.


and to think I just used glow in the dark paint once to make my own. keys weren't nice and big like that tho


My keyboard already glows in the dark just like on CSI when they bring in the black light. I do wish it was liquid resistant though due to all the DNA evidence I often spill on it.


I have one of these and the glow in the dark is useless. The keyboard isn't lit by LEDS. If you expose it to a bright light for a while it will glow in the dark for a few minutes. The keyboard is also very stiff and hard to type on rapidly. That being said, I am using the keyboard because it is definitely easier to see in low light than a black one.


I'd note from experience that the keys also seem to be easier-than-average to rub off. It's cheap, but you get what you pay for. I also hate how they positioned the \ (backslash/pipe) key, making the enter key extra large. That may just be me though. If you really need a keyboard that easier to see, I'd suggest looking for something that's LED backlit.