dealsipad - buy the new ipad with wi-fi or wi-fi + 4g…


But but but... buying it online deprives you of standing in line with all the other morons that don't understand technology.


It is sarcasim folks. I was having some fun and poking fun to all the mac-izens. They fell Jobs is GOD and Gates is the devil. I like them both and I think it is funny how an upgraded iPad was made HUGE. I do applaud apple for keeping the price the same and not ripping off their fans too much. I have played with an iPad and I do like it. I might just drink the cool-aid and go for it this time. My Dell 17inch PC is 5 years old and I do like the airplay features. But again, IT WAS A JOKE!


It's APPLE DUDES! They are the masters of the universe. Don't get suckered into an android or a refurb iPad 2. IT's APPLE DUDE! APPLE DUDE! The best just get's better. It's a deal because it is APPLE and I bought stock at $6 and can afford to sell 2 shares to get an iPad. Don't hate the player, hate the game!