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Why, oh why do they not make these things in big people sizes? A Batman rain coat I could wear would rock!


gt0163c: It's a great point. You're not the first to ask this.

We've been asking Western Chief Kids to do this for some time now.

The more votes for this comment the better for them to see the interest in adult sizes.


@gt0163c: I KNOW.

Kids these days get the best things.


I was so excited to get a raincoat for my daughter. Too bad no Wonder Woman @simplysuperheroes show some love to the little ladies :)


@jimmyd103: Wish we could show this love. We would definitely offer this kind of Girl Power if Western Chief Kids made one for Wonder Woman.


@jimmyd103: I just did a quick google search for girls rain coats and the return selection was pathetic.... Hello Kitty, frogs, lady bugs, ducks, bunnies, princesses. All pretty lame. Where's Jean Grey, Black Widow, Wonder Woman???? Hell I would be satisfied with Elastagirl from the Incredibles.

On a side note I'm a bit disturbed at the number of images on the risque side when you search "girls rainwear".


@jimmyd103: Why can't girls wear Batman or Superman or Spiderman? Okay, I know that those are all male characters, but isn't the issue more than there aren't a lot of mainstream recognizable female superheroes? And shouldn't those few mainstream recognizable superheros get better (more modest if nothing else) costumes? But, in the meantime, I'm female and would be happy to wear a Batman raincoat and I have a number of short friends who are girls who would think it's pretty much the coolest thing in the world (and their moms would either love me for telling them where to get one or grumble at me for convincing them to spend more on their kids :) )


@gt0163c: Nothing wrong with girls liking male superheroes. My daughter got this Batman raincoat for her 5th birthday last year and was Batman for Halloween. She, like her older brother, are big fans of superheroes.


"What do you want for dinner tonight Max?"


@gt0163c: What would you rather wear if you were a 7-year-old girl? Batman (blue and gray), or Batgirl (purple and yellow)?


@rayray8822: When I was a 7 year old girl, I would have preferred Batman (blue and gray). Today, if these came in big people sizes, I'd probably still choose Batman, but more because it's Batman rather than based on the color scheme. I've never liked Batgirl as a character. Every portrayal I remember of her is that she's kinda weak and fairly whiney and not what I would call too much of a role model, especially when paired with Batman.