deals$50 itunes card for $40.00 + free shipping


FYI i ordered one last time they ran a sale. It took them two weeks to ship.


Same experience here--long delivery time (2 weeks at least) but they were cheap and they did work no problem.


My experience was different and better. I got essentially the same deal from this eBay vendor (but $48 for a $60 card) and they shipped within two days...but the Post Office managed to lose the package (as I followed in their tracking data). I contacted the vendor and was informed that they shipped another one to me to replace the lost one. The lost package inexplicably materialized after a two week delay, followed by the replacement one. My next step was a call to Customer Service: prompt service, inactivating one card so that the other would work, thanking me for being honest with them. Some of the best live (not computer-voiced) customer service I've had in a long time. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again.

No, I am only affiliated to them as a satisfied customer, not as a shill.