dealsslingshot flying pig with oink sound for $3.99…


YES! And thank you for the listing. A wonderful pig (i.e. bacon-type) flying...something. :-D


I may get one of these and put a woot cape on it.

Maybe rub some bacon air freshener on it as well.

Then I can take some of that Chantrix and dream that there actually was a woot flying pig.


THIS should have ended the Woot-off!


wow,so cute , i want one..


I always seem to miss the woot offs!! How can I get set up for notifications when this is happening?



Sign up for the daily digest? (This also allows you to follow the daily antics of Mortimer and Monte.)

Or you could do what addicts such as I do: simply note the flashing yellow lights that start at 1 AM (Eastern time, adjust for your time zone) when there is a woot-off.