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I purchased one of these last time they were on sale.
Bottom hem came apart on first wash.
I contacted customer support via their website, a rep responded the next day and asked for photos.
I sent photo's immediately. Then communication stopped. I've sent multiple inquiry emails w/o response.
I just wish I would have worn the shirt more than once before washing it. :(


I have several lolshirts and wear them quite often. No problems with mine.


I wanted to buy an $8 dollar shirt but these shirt are extreeeemely lame. Zombies, bacon, computers and keeping calm. Trending boring. Buy shirt art from someone else.


Ordered two shirts on the last sale and got them very fast.

On the plus side the material is thick and pretty nice, however they shrunk a bit in the wash and are not very comfortable.

Would recommend other sites before this one.


must be dead... shows 12.99 and $2 shipping for me