dealsset of 2 collapsible rolling crates for $19.99…


Holds up to 150 lbs, Good for hauling groceries in from the car. Or fertilizer, dirt, mulch, etc. from Home Depot.


Glad you posted this. I almost did, but the last time this was offered I got lots of nasty comments from a couple of trolls so I just chickened out this time. Silly me.

When the organization where I worked moved to a new location a few years ago, it was a converted mall. The facilities turned out to be great, but the walk from the parking lot was DREADFUL! The entire complex had been converted into office spaces and a tech center and what had been a rather small mall suddenly housed over 5000 workers plus customers for all of the businesses every day. There was plenty of parking, but it was so spread out that we frequently walked several hundred yards just to get to the main doors, then another hundred yards to reach our offices. Fortunately, folks discovered these rolling crates. Nearly all of us had one to haul our assorted things in and out of the building in one trip. Great item and good price here!


wonder if one can stack on top of another one so two carts of stuff can be moved at once?


@luke975: You could maybe get away with it if it isn't full of stuff that is too heavy. There is nothing preventing the bottom wheels on one from rolling off the top of the other (either covered or uncovered), for example.


I bought one the last time offered. These are very sturdy and heavy, not like most available on the market today. Wish I would have gotten this deal of 2 for 1.


I bought this a few weeks ago with their bag this cr@p stuff so I paid $25 for one full of prolly left over unsellable cr@p LOL. Well, actually I bought two. This would have been a better deal but I do like surprises so I'm interested to know what came in them. This site though is SO SLOW!!! But I have always gotten what I ordered. I also moonlight as a DJ so I am hoping they can be used for storing, stacking, and then rolling/moving some cables, lights, and small equipment to and fro.