dealsthe hunger games [2-disc blu-ray + digital copy…


Is $25 for a movie a deal, now?


@darkxsun: If enough people vote it up, then yes.

Considering that it hasn't been in theaters that long, it's pretty easy to compare to the price of 2-4 movie tickets, popcorn & soda.


Full price, for a pre-order, that won't ship for two months?? Not a deal, sorry!


tax won't count because there is no sale tax, so you will have to pay for shipping...unless you find some ridiculously low priced item that qualifies; either way if you're lucky it will end up being $28 or so.
By all accounts, not a deal...super saver shipping is usually 7-10 days, you're better off waiting to see what retail stores will offer as an incentive to buy and avoid waiting a week for shipping; either way it will be priced similar to what this one is