dealsfirst pair of glasses free + 10% off upgrades


Coupon code doesn't seem to work, no text about restrictions or error codes.


@knuxsonic: The coupon works. I just tested it. It doesn't work on certain coupon ineligible frames.


I think this is a standing deal (note the invitation on the home page to "share 'First Pair free' with your friends" while not hinting what the deal actually is). In order to get free glasses you need to choose one of their in-house brands (e.g. Derek Cardigan) and not require any add-ons like high-index lenses, which jack the price up a LOT. Also, their website couldn't deal with my Chrome browser. Coastal has a great overall reputation; shame their deal really isn't much of a deal.


I like zenni optical better. Coastal runs this promo all the time and standard glasses cost around $20 after lenses and shipping. This ad really should say first pair of frames free.


This "free pair of glasses" costs a lot more than the regular price I pay at Zenni. After entering in my prescript (for progressive lenses), and applying the code, it knocked $77 dollars off but the final price was still $179.00. I purchased the same prescript from Zenni for $59 a couple of weeks ago, but with a higher refractive index (thinner) and with an included pair of clipon sunglasses. As far as I'm concerned, this "deal" ain't no deal. However, it did waste several minutes of my time in the process of checking it out.


they can never get the bifocal placement correctly w/ out having your head and frame together to measure percise and critical measurement. stay away if its bifocal.


Yeah, I experienced the same issue as moserk. They charge quite a bit for lenses and coatings, and even add both a shipping AND separate handling fee. The prescription I got from Zenni for $24 (normal price) was going to cost $50 after the coupon code. This is a verry disappointing "deal".


I have the exact same pair of black glasses from them in the picture. I ended paying $35. One thing I can say is they where extremely fast, I had my pair in 5 days.