dealspurex bright white clean detergent, he, tripleā€¦


I prefer Purex over Tide now. I used to like Tide best, mostly because the laundry always smelled fresh and clean. Some of the cheaper detergents don't leave the clothes with that just-laundered smell. But Purex does, and it's a whole lot cheaper than Tide.


It makes my kid itch too - but I use it on rugs, dog bedding, horse saddle blankets, cleaning rags, etc. Stuff my kid won't wear or dry off on or sleep wrapped up in. Because it is cheaper than Tide. I can use it on about half of our laundry! Thanks for posting - I haven't gone to pick my Tide deal up too - so I'll just order this now and pick them up at the same time!


For under $20, I picked up 6 of them. Can't beat that. And it will last me about two years. Win.


Site's saying unavailable now. O well makes me itch, too