deals80% off + get $20 off a purchase of $50 or moreā€¦


Oh god. I hope this doesn't spark the same obesity debate that the cheesecake did.


@richellelander: I agree. Cheeseburgers are way better than cheesecake.


Damn, I clicked the image because I wanted 80% off of that sign.


@trendkill7577: I finally got to watch that. Too funny. :)


@dazoneranger: (making the same drooling sound as Homer Simpson) Easy cheeeeeesssseee (drooling again). (light bulb) Oh even better! Easy cheese with bacon! My heart is having a heart attack just thinking about it. Oh wait, I just gained ten pounds too.


50-20=30. 30/50=60% 100%-60%= 40% off. how is this 80% off?


It's 80% off because it changes that $20 for $50 worth to $4 for $50 dollars worth. It's a pretty epic deal if you live in an area that supports the site. I only have one restaurant here that is available. :(


I don't know if's deals change depending on where you are, but when I log in, the Mrs Fields deals are:
- $10 when you spend $50 for $4.00 ... this changes to $0.80
- $25 when you spend $75 for $10.00 ... this changes to $2.00

THAT's 80% off the coupon price. If you're not planning to spend between $50-75 (before tax and shipping) at Mrs. Fields already, it's not really much of a deal. But, with the holidays nearby I'm sure plenty can use it.

If my math is correct, that would mean that you'd spend $40.80 instead of $50 (19% off) or $52.00 instead of $75.00 (31% off).