dealshta high speed 3d 2 meter hdmi cable w/ ethernet…


Eh. I've never paid more than $4 for an HDMI cable (and that's for longer lengths, like 10-15 ft.). No reason you should either.


Coupon code SJ514C takes $.30 off
Cheapest shipping for me in IL is $9.38
Will pass on this "deal"


Not only is the price too high but when you add the cost of shipping to the total it becomes ridiculous.

While they seem to get mostly good reviews, I feel some of the FAQ answers on their site are ambiguous.


@jnissel: I mean, I'm sure the cable's fine and all (which is kind of the point about not sweating having the "best" HDMI cable), but the higher we set the bar for what constitutes a "deal" for these things, the lower prices will become overall.


Not too long ago I bought 2 cables of better quality directly from woot and price + shipping was about the same as just one cable here. No sale.