dealsplay and freeze ice cream maker, 1 pint | scienceā€¦


Milkshake day.......any excuse for a milkshake mmmmmm.


DIY icecream is the way to go! Boooooooo, store bought.


My mom bought this as a gift for our family and it does not work well. When it does, it makes a TINY amount of ice cream. I bought a real ice cream maker from Goodwill for $5 that does a much better job. You are better off using the ziploc bag method than this thing.


The best of both worlds - ice cream and exercise. Add ingredients and kick!


@kmwheel: Yah, it doesn't make a ton. But it definitely kept my kiddos happy and occupied at our campsite while we put up the tent. They were tired in the end which made me a happy camper!!