dealsbioshock 2: playstation 3: video games for $13.69


Excellent game very worth it. I actually just tried to trade it in today and they would only give me 1.75 so I passed, haha. They gave me $4 for the original bioshock, I got to imagine with Infinite coming out there has been a influx in demand for both games but more so for 2... You can get away playing 2 without playing one but you can usually find one for around the same price so if you have to time to play them both I'd suggest getting them.


If you wished the first game had more solid gameplay, you want to play this.

Even the story is fine, although it does feel tacked-on to what was established in the first game.


The first Bioshock seemed very similar to System Shock 2 to me (which is a fantastic thing).

This one felt a lot more "fun" for lack of a better word. They were very similar, other than flying across a room to bash someone with your drill had to be one of the most satisfying video gaming experiences in recent years. I did that until I was out of fuel, then got more fuel and did it s'more.

Seems like a decent price on a great game.