dealshoffritz stock pot with rolled edges for $41.00


This would be great for brewing a batch of beer.



I was going to write the same thing! ;)

Tho I already have a very nice stainless brew pot, so I'd probably turn this into a mash tun.


I was going to buy it for brewing beer but its aluminum and not stainless steel... should of known from the price alone lol


@ls353759: I've talked to a lot of people that use aluminum pots for brewing and they haven't had any problems. This isn't a bad deal if you can't afford a stainless steel one.

Does anyone know how much shipping is?


I use a similar pot for brewing and have no issues. The false link between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease was based on a poorly conducted study. Boil a couple of batches of water in the pot and it'll build up a nice layer of aluminum oxide and you're good to go. There's no metal taste. In one of the homebrewing books someone did a study on the levels of aluminum present in a batch of beer brewed in an aluminum kettle - the levels were lower than what you'd get from a single antacid tablet and he wasn't 100% sure that they weren't already present in the raw materials.


Regarding beer brewing, the only thing I've heard is that the thinner aluminum doesn't hold heat as well as stainless, but that doesn't mean that it looses so much heat it harms your boil/mash/etc. WMart had a burner/30qt pot/thermometer for $50; getting ready to boil some up soon with that setup.